Sunday, February 20, 2011

Are you the real deal or a little wuss?

Check this out. It's is a photo of Malaysian sprinter 'Awang' crossing the finish line at the World Cup Keirin final. He got back up and pedaled on following a crash which took out 5 riders. By getting back up - he crossed the line for Bronze medal.

Ok, now have a closer look at his leg...

Yes, that is the real deal...

I bet he never whinges about being tired, or having a sore back, or blisters on his toes! Can you imagine the kind of self-talk that would have been going on between his ears? The voice saying "you have a bit of wood through your leg, there is no way you can get on a bike", "GET AN AMBULANCE!" and "AAAHHHH!!!". But he had the power of the mind to tell that little voice to nick off, to tell himself he CAN get back on the bike and spin away to the end. Incredible!

Here is the race itself. You don't see much but if you look closely it does explain why the splinter went in his leg from behind...

Anyway, the moral of the story is 'get up and get over it'. Or something equally whimsical.

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