Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Good things in small packages

After 2-and-a-bit years of studying and assignments I recently put my psych registration in the mail. I finished my honors in psychology a little while ago and have spent the last few years completing my supervised practice. As long as the psych board approves it this means I will be fully registered and can put a shingle out the front of my house. You know, "Scott Waters - Psychologist. As therapeutic as a puppy licking your face, just more expensive".

So I was thinking, pages and pages of assignments, supervision sessions, conferences, workshops, presentations, research, analysis - hours and hours of effort poured into the journey towards registration. Time away from friends and family as I tap away studiously on the keyboard (maybe a few emails were checked along the way - a healthy distraction). Yet here I was, standing in front of a big red Australia Post mail box, with ALL of this work and time represented by... A few sheets of paper that fit easily into an A4 envelope. Wow. Talk about a weird feeling! A harmless little envelope that is deceiving in its appearance. A lot more than meets the eye.

I thought, this is just like I feel standing on the waters edge on race day. I am one body, 73-odd kilos of man. That's it. Same as the person next to me. And the one next to him. But, under the surface lies hours and hours of training, repetition, pain, stretching, massages, physiotherapy, motivational reading, aerobic sessions, anaerobic sessions, time away from family and friends, ice-packs, time trials, early mornings, getting up before the sun, constantly feeling tire, in bed by 8... I think it is important to remember this on the day. To stop, reflect, and thank yourself for all of the hard work and dedication put into making this hunk of meat as efficient, powerful and effective as it can be in getting around the course quickly. That's your edge, it's what makes you different than the person next to you. Both of you are wearing a tri suit. Both have goggles. But guaranteed, come race day I have put in the time, done the 'one percenters', the stretching in front of the TV, to be able to give you a run for your money.

According to Freud, this is what is on a man's mind. Very perceptive man that Freud.


  1. Narelle ChocholowskiAugust 10, 2011 at 11:24 PM

    WOW!!!! You certainly do put BOTH mind and body through their paces. Love your Blog - often gives me 'food for thought'. Keep up the good work Scotty - you are a true inspiration.

  2. We are so proud of you Scotty, you are my inspiration and i would recommend anyone to follow your footsteps. Love you so much xx Keet

  3. I heard something yesterday and thought about how much of a winner you are:

    Losers quit when they are tired, Winners quit when their DONE!

    You Mr or should i say Dr Scott Waters will not be done for a long time but along the way you have proved to always be a winner and at the end of the day when you are running the race you have been waiting for you WILL be THE WINNER! Love Keet x

  4. And you come up with the goods at Wivenhoe and you chased that ball down in whatever form you wished it to be!! We are so proud of you and you inspire the best in us!! Mum xoox