Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Eagle Has Landed... just in time

Holidays started - check.
Training 'hard-yards' done - check. 
Rocket in my possession - check.

This is my new steed, ready to set a blistering 40k time in Beijing and beyond! The guys at Chain Gang Performance Bikes have done a great job. It's sleek. It's comfortable. And for a bike it is bloody sexy! This Argon E114 comes with Di2 - electronic shifting of the gears! It has not missed a beat so far (granted I have only spent an hour on it), silky smooth shifting each time, at the press of a button. To make it even more appealing, I can also shift the gears on the base bar as well as the aero bars. This means if I am climbing and sitting up, I don't have to stretch out to the end of the bars to change gears. Much more comfortable.

One more 'big' session today, a swim / bike / run effort, followed by a rest day tomorrow. Then a 'champions taper' as Trent puts it. It's all getting quite exciting! Not only am I looking forward to the race but also to experiencing a different culture.

I'll post more in the coming days, today I just wanted to share my bike news! Too good to not boast!

Take care guys,


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