Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The pointy end - tastes a bit like banana bread.

Three quarters of the way through the triathlon-hogging month of February (a race every weekend) and you'd think that motivation levels would start to dwindle, the body would start to rebel and the bank balance would start to fade. Okay, so the last one is probably true as traveling to Falls Creek wasn't paid for with smiles (although Adam Young did try his luck a few times with the cyclist staying the floor above us, using his smile as his commodity). In terms of motivation though, three weeks into the month and I think the opposite is true: I can't get enough of it.

Apparently I'm not the only one if this morning's ride with some of the big-guns from Reddog Triathlon Training is anything to go by - a Samford to Sandgate loop from the Valley pool reminded me that some guys legs speak louder than words. Rolling hills were the order of the day and we got plenty of them to keep us all honest. Everyone seemed to keep smiling though; maybe they thought they could use their delirious grin to purchase big chunks of oxygen? 

It's funny when you stop and think about it all. Today we met at the pool at 0445, which meant I was up at 4am. No daylight outside. Eyes falling out of our heads until the caffeine kicks in. Then apparently trying to make our legs fall off by pushing them up over hills and along the flats at a pace that leaves your tongue lolling out of your mouth and the sense that not just your muscles but your bones are on fire. From the outside looking in some might think we had refused to disclose the whereabouts of the hidden gold and were thus being tortured in an attempt to make us talk. Yet a triathlete will grin from ear to ear and think that 100k before 8am is paradise. How can you not get caught up in this addictive lifestyle?

So 4 days out from Race 6 of the Gatorade Series at Raby Bay (another supersprint format over 400/15/4) and I'm getting ready to rumble. With Mooloolaba in a little less than 5 weeks I have logged some long aerobic kilometers since Falls Creek so right now I'm tired. Not out-all-night-dancing-on-tables tired but that 'I'm gonna sleep like a log and wake-up-in-the-same-position-I-laid-down-in' tired. I've got one more big session in the morning (a run off the bike that will give me enough time to listen to a couple of Hamish & Andy podcasts) then ease it off a bit leading into the weekend. A run with a few efforts on Friday morning, the same but on the bike on Saturday and BOOM. Showtime. 

It is the pointy end of the Gatorade series, with only 2 races to go. Time to put into practice all of the hard work you have logged over the past 6+ months (or 6 days if you've entered on a whim). Being so close to the end of the season I thought it's time to share my secret to racing. My 'Samson's hair' so to speak. Banana bread (best hairless though so don't let the analogy confuse you). 

Okay so maybe it's not the secret to racing, but who can resist good banana bread? After enjoying a homemade loaf at Falls Creek I thought I'd give it a go. Actually I've given it three goes because it is really easy and I can't get enough of it. I even took some in a zip-lock bag on a ride the other day. Now all I need is a thermos instead of a water bottle and I'll be set - coffee and cake on the go. 

Good luck to everyone on Sunday. Even though it's a shorter race Brisvegas has turned on the sauna this week so be sure to get some Endura hydration into you on Saturday. Also, after my escapades at Falls I suggest practicing hot tip #323: check your bike for any mechanical issues (ideally get a store like Chain Gang to do a pre-race tune-up). Ensure everything is tight that should be tight (still talking about the bike) and that you're breaks are not rubbing. 

See you there - if I have a big smile and you are working at the coffee van then it's possible I am trying to purchase a cup using my grin. If it doesn't work and I realize that it's turned into an awkward moment I will fish out some money from my wallet. 

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