Friday, September 24, 2010

Here I was, just rolling along peacefully in my own world, getting a nice (somewhat painful) massage, and the massage therapist comments, "Busselton Ironman hey? That's only 11 weeks away right?" 11 WEEKS?!?!Sh*t!

What a way to burst my bubble and bring me down to earth. Sure, I've been training consistently, but Busso has always just been a pipe-dream just far enough down the track to be out of my conscious mind. But now, it is back. With a vengeance. Time to buckle down, wave my good-byes to friends and family, and settle in to ridiculous hours of training and limited social contact. Will I survive? Who knows. Will it be a journey of a lifetime? For sure!

A light of confidence shining through the nervousness inspired by the massage session...

Check out the athlete of the month for August... yup, that's me. And two big toe nails less for the effort ;o)

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