Friday, October 1, 2010

Arrghh! The Cardinal Rule Broken Already

It's Friday - one working week into the 10 week countdown. And I have already broken the golden rules of triathlon training. For those of you that don't know, there is a common consensus that 3 rules exit in triathlon training:

  1. Don't get injured
  2. Don't get sick
  3. Don't break rule 1 or 2
To be fair, both (yes there are two) injuries are pre-existing. The first is a result of long toenails and 21.1k's of hard running at the Yeppoon half ironman. That race (which resulted in me being crowned QLD State Champ for my age group - ha!) left me with two bruised big toenails. That was almost 7 weeks ago. One feel off last week in the pool (I did find it after some looking around), but the other is resisting the natural path and decided to get infected. Stupid toenail. Being the child that I am, I tried to 'assist' it yesterday and got 90% of the way but it persistently held on. It makes it a little uncomfortable to run, but hopefully it will soon realise that it is unwanted and will f@ck off.

The second is more serious as it is having a bigger impact on what I can and can't do. I strained my adductor (inside left leg from groin to knee, which is where the muscle inserts and hurts). I had just started to increase my training volume, and had done a 5k time trial (that means quick) run with my squad. When I saw the physio, she asked if I had done some fast running lately. I said "yes". She asked if I was stretching properly. I sheepishly looked at the floor and said "uum, yeah, maybe... no, not really". She stuck some needles into it and told me how to stretch it. She also suggested resting it which I did (for two days, surely that's enough... right?? *insert sarcasm here*). A week later, it is still hanging around. I spoke with my tri coach today and we are modifying my training plan to assist with the recovery.

So lesson learnt. Stretch. Everything. Maybe that is what I should tell Al if she ever catches me having some 'private time'. "What? I'm just stretching sweetie, you know it's important to stretch".

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