Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Closing In On GO TIME!

Only 4 sleeps until the Bribie hit-out. I'm feeling more confident as the day draws closer, my niggling injuries have *touch wood* eased off a bit which has given me the opportunity to do some more running. A solid run yesterday with some good 1k efforts and suddenly my mind has gone from saying "you're going to struggle to knock out a fast run at Bribie" to "Woo hoo! Bring it on tiger!". So maybe that is a slight exaggeration but I'm more optimistic than I was a few days ago. With all the riding I've done lets hope I smash out a solid ride so the running is less important.

Booked the big end-of-season dance today - Mooloolaba! Given how fast the races have filled out lately (triathlon's are definitely the flavour of the month for many punters) it was easy and painless to get my spot - login, enter credit card details and voila! It's a great race with a great atmosphere and for some reason I feel like it is on my turf (given my family live there).

A hard run off the bike in the morning, a swim tomorrow night then ease into the weekend before I hunt and destroy some people on Sunday :o)

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