Sunday, November 21, 2010


This year Chris McCormack from Australia won the Hawaii Ironman World Champs. He won it a few years ago (2007) and has been pushing to take it again. What I love about this guy is his determination and attention to detail. Also, in the build up this year he talked the talk about how to knock of Craig 'Crowie' Alexander (also from Aus, and winner in '08 and '09) by busting it up on the bike so that Crowie's legs were shot on the run (Crowie is a gun runner and knocked out the 2nd fastest marathon this year in just over 2hrs 41mins) and put it into action on the day to lead Crowie off the bike by 8 minutes. Here is his run down of the day:

The more times I watch this the more motivated I am to get out there and give it a good crack! It also makes me really want to qualify for the Kona World Champs one day. In Busso they take the top 2 place getters in each age group, so it will be a few years until I'm up to scratch. But one day... If you start putting aside a dollar a day now, in 10 years you'll be able to fly over and cheer me on! Now THAT will be a wild ride!

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