Saturday, November 20, 2010


I'm tired. All the time lately. It has been a big few weeks of training; since last Saturday to today (8 days) I have swum about 9k, ridden about 460k and run about 75k. 26 and a bit hours of training. Take out a rest day and that is about 3hrs 40 mins per day. This is a blend of whinging (so what, I'm tired, leave me alone! haha) and also looking back over the past few days with a sense of accomplishment. If nothing else I know I am committed, determined and have a resolve to complete goals I set. Alright, now that I have blown my own trumpet...

D-day is fast approaching! 2 weeks tomorrow I will be toeing the sand looking out at the pier disappearing into the distance - "are you sure that's not more than 1.9k out? It looks a lot further..." And I can't wait! I am so excited to get out there and see how it all comes together. During my long run sessions this week I picture running past my family cheering me on, and I was so in the moment that it gave me goose-bumps. I think this is going to be such a phenomenal experience and a true test of my grit. At least I won't feel bad eating too much food and drinking too much beer at Christmas after finishing a 10 or 11 hour Ironman.

Thanks to everyone who is helping, be it moral support (Mum, Keat and clan), accommodation, vehicle (thanks Jen and Pete), putting up with me being tired all the time (Al ;o), my coach and the guys that make the GU gels (whoever you are - I am knocking off about 20 - 25 a week - yummo). A new experience for me - after some long (5-6hrs) training sessions, my brain actually stops / slows working (how do you tell the difference I hear you asking - thanks Keat). I think the energy spent and lack of carbs replacing it leaves my body putting energy into what it thinks I need (since I'm training, obviously my muscles need the food) rather than 'non-essentials' such as my brain. Now I can relate to the 'baby brain' I hear people talk about! Anyway, stay cool kiddies and I'll catch you later.

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