Sunday, December 19, 2010

Time for some meat on these bones

71.9kg pre-race. Under 70kg post-race. While part of me wears the 'gauntness' with pride and a reminder of how far I pushed my body in training and the race, the non-answer from my wife when I asked her how I look snapped me out of my triathlete-rose-coloured-glasses and made me think perhaps I should do a push-up or two.

Seeing as though I have locked in a number of big races next year (and a top-10 goal for Busso) I'm not going to have a proper off-season as such. So while I am training at leisure over the next few weeks post-Busso (no set program) I've decided to work in some gym time to get some of those muscley-thingy's back. Jokes aside I think it will help me get faster as there will be more muscle to recruit and get power from. So today, I hit out a leg workout. I will let you know tomorrow how much I like this idea (or Tuesday - usually takes a few days for the pain to kick in!).

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