Monday, January 3, 2011

Beefcake, beers, and bloody sore legs!

It's the last day of my Chrissie break, and almost time to iron some clothes for work. I am putting that off, as for me I feel like that is the official end of my 10 day break. Instead, I am sitting back enjoying a well deserved beer (and maybe a 2nd to keep it company) and reflecting on what has been and what will be this year. 2011! Wild!

I have stuck to my guns and knocked out a few gym sessions over the past week. I've enjoyed the change of exercise - these holidays I have thrown some weights around, done a spin class (surprisingly similar to actual cycling - it's changed in the years since I did my last spin class on a beat up old stationary bike!), some Bikram yoga (complete with hot pants up the clacker - not me but someone who clearly was happy for the world to see their bits and pieces), not too much swimming and a stack of cycling. I've enjoyed the time on the bike, and it is a big goal of mine to become a 'contender' on the bike rather than relying on the run to try and catch people! Around 370k's this week, with two tough 100k+ adventures. One tough because of the pace setting (thanks Adz, Jimmy and Margot!) and one tough because of the pre-ride fatigue and seven sisters (that will make more sense if you ride in Brissie!). Happy to say I am weighing in at a healthy 75 kilos! Although I think this little beefcake is more 'cake' than 'beef'!

I am really pumped for this year, in all arena's of my life. My provisional psych training wheels should come off mid-year, the abode renovations are coming along nicely with a new deck (yay) and retaining wall (yawn) planned this year, my wife recovering from last years accident and regaining that beautiful smile and passion for life, hitting up some sponsors to support my Ironman triathlon goals, potentially going for the Oz Olympic distance team if I can squeeze a trip to Beijing in amongst Mooloolaba, Cairns, Noosa AND Busselton, Kona qualifications in Busso... ok, so that last one might be a 5 year plan! Probably a good thing, given the amount of cash I have spent lately - it will give me a chance to save up for the flights!

It all begins with one step. Actually, quite a few steps - at the track tomorrow morning! First squad session back of the year and (tisk tisk) I haven't run a great deal over the break. It's gonna hurt!

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  1. The run session this morning DID hurt! "Let's ease into the new year with 1k efforts". Thanks coach!